Long Island Buried Treasures
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About Long Island Buried Treasures

Long Island buried treasures is an advertising publication that focus mainly on the small business in local areas. As our economy struggles, our government encourages small business to rise and continue to grow to help stimulate job growth and the overall economy. We at the Buried Treasure promise to provide an advertising alternative that focuses on promoting outstanding customer service while giving our customers an exclusive advertising advantage. 
We here at the Buried treasure, connect local businesses with their local customers by providing an advertising outlet that is exclusive to the “locally owned and operated? business community. Our publication provides a dual-media advertising resource; in print and online. Not only is a link to your website provided on our home website, but we hand deliver to a targeted area of residents, and business establishments, that are most likely to utilize the services advertised. With over 2,500 copies delivered twice each month your future customers can’t lose track of how to find you.
 Jeanne Mehltretter and Chris Johansen have worked together since March 2012, to establish what is known today throughout Babylon Village and West Islip as the “Long Island Buried Treasures?. The Long Island Buried Treasure’s main mission is to help small businesses in the area and surrounding areas to advertise in an economical way while providing honest and reliable service, with affordable rates.
 Our publication is hand delivered to selective areas of West Islip and Babylon, while also targeting some areas of West Babylon, Lindenhurst and Bay Shore. We take pride in printing and delivering our publication every 2 weeks to over 5000 homes and businesses every month. 
Chris Johansen graduated from West Islip class of 1980; Chris has always been an entrepreneur with a gift to succeed in everything he puts his mind to. While Chris has always most enjoyed managing and developing departments in major corporations, his real love was always to pursue a business that encourages growth for the economy while supporting small locally owned businesses. Chris takes pride in connecting with the customers in the areas of his expertise as promoting and advertising for local businesses in his home town of West Islip and surrounding areas.
 Jeanne Mehltretter also a graduate of West Islip 1980, attended Suffolk Community College and studied Dietetics, Jeanne has practiced as a Dietetic Technician registered since 1982. Along with Clinical work Jeanne has also managed the Nutritional Service team at Florida Hospital Altamonte, Florida the past 23 years before returning here to West Islip/ Babylon area. Jeanne also perused a career in Esthetic’s and currently holds a license to practice in the state of Florida and New York State.
 While being passionate about both her careers, Jeanne remained running a small business over the past 17 years part time in a salon. Jeanne’s small business relied on the public to encourage and support her small businesses over the years. As Jeanne always saw the need for a publication that advertised and focused on small businesses such as her, Jeanne thought of this idea of keeping the small business owners advertising needs to a publication that focused mainly on small business. This was a way for the consumers in the local neighborhoods to see what small business are out there, in hopes the consumer would reach out and support the small businesses of men and women in their areas.
 We are proud to say that we have been successful in our endeavor thus far and hope to continue and encourage the small businesses in the local areas.